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holidays in north Wales

Wheelchair accessible holiday cottages in Snowdonia


Snowdonia is lush and emerald green. The hills and mountains of Snowdonia rise up from the grassy fields where sheep graze. One picturesque scene follows another. This an outdoor paradise to visit but is it suitable for wheelchair bound holidaymakers?


View holiday cottages in Snowdonia with wheelchair access


The beauty of the Snowdonia national park can be appreciated from ground level. The hills shrouded in low lying cloud can be appreciated from below although that need not deter the intrepid wheelchair user. With a little prior arrangement, many seemingly out of reach places are quite accessible, including Mount Snowdon – albeit using the railway.

The Snowdonia National Park offers several preserved lines that ferry tourists in steam trains from one point to another. Most of them make provision for wheelchair users and will happily assist.


Wheelchair accessible Holiday Accommodation in Snowdonia


It is important to find a cottage or lodge that has all the features that wheelchair users need for independent living. A ramp, grab bars, a ground floor bathroom and wet room are all essential. Bungalows are ideal for the purpose of which there are quite a few in Snowdonia. Most of the cottages are stone-built although more modern pine lodges also make for good comfortable holiday accommodation.

Many disabled people holiday as part of a family group and there is often someone around to help with the potential tricky situations. Plan your daily outings in advance and a very good holiday can be had by all guests, whether able bodied or not.

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