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holidays in north Wales

Short breaks in north Wales


Short breaks have become increasingly popular over the years. Many people like to enjoy several short breaks a year in the UK. North Wales is a popular short break destination for the mass of people who live in the Midlands or north of England because it does not take them too long to get there.

People arrive with their bicycles for mountain biking or take to the hills with rucksacks on their backs. North Wales is an excellent short break destination all year round.

Short breaks are usually weekend breaks that run from Friday though to Saturday or Sunday, or mid week breaks which can be anything from 1 to 5 days from Monday to Friday. Some cottage owners insist on a minimum of 3 days but it's always worth asking. Others run on completley flexible arrangements.


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The summer is essential for a beach holiday in north Wales although May and early June sometimes produce the sunniest days.

Walking or jogging along a beach is also very enjoyable if you come out of season. The prices of holiday accommodation are also lower so that you may find a bargain or two. Short mid-week breaks can also be a good value option.


The Isle of Anglesey is the furthest to drive to in north Wales

The Isle of Angelsey is more of a challenge because of its location at the far west of north Wales and can be a longer drive depending on your point of departure, but it is worth the extra effort.

The Isle of Anglesey is pleasantly rural and green. Much of its beauty can be seen around the coastline with numerous nature reserves to visit, birds to spot and natural completely unspoilt beaches.


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