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Holiday Cottages

holidays in north Wales

Holiday cottages in the countryside of north Wales


A holiday in a rural part of north Wales is gentle on the eye. Rambles in the countryside are rewarded by views of wooded hills, sheep and lambs in fields and rural scenes. There is always something to stop and observe. It could be horses revelling in spring sunshine on a stud farm, a tractor ploughing straight furrows in a field or birds of prey silently scouring the land from above.

stunning rural scenery of north Wales

Rent a farm holiday cottage for a peaceful break away from the mayhem of everyday life; the farmer may be able to supply you with fresh eggs for breakfast.

There are various good routes into north Wales. People arriving from the north of England would encounter the A55 which follows the north coast, passing various seaside resorts. Rent a holiday cottage a few miles away from the coast and you can enjoy the best of Welsh countryside and take day trips to the beaches. One advantage of this, assuming that you have your own transport, is that you are free to explore a string of beaches.

The other main route into north Wales and Snowdonia is along the A5 via Llangollen and Corwen. Staying not too far from these main roads makes getting from place to place easy.


about north Wales

Endless places to walk and explore

Visitors new to Wales are frequently astonished at how lovely the scenery is and wish that they had visited before.

Choose a different village or country park for a walk each day. You will come across visitor centres, charming little tea shops, good pubs and friendly people. It may surprise you to hear how extensively Welsh is spoken and the road signs in two languages.

Talk to the cottage owners before booking to find out what activities there are in the area. You could have a go at something entirely new.

Getting to the top of Mount Snowdon is a must if you haven't ever done it before. This can be done on foot or by train. You'll appreciate the effort when you see the views.